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Best A$$ on the East Side

IMG_6672aA crusader for animal rights, Rian made the cover for National Geographic in 2010 for beating the frozen snot out of a poacher that was trying to club a baby seal, then sitting on his head until he tapped out. He was quoted later as saying, “It was the hardest decision of my life to surrender so I could breath again, or blissfully let my life fade to black under her heavenly backside.”

While you will never catch her wearing fur or animal products, she wears leopard print cotton and lacies like a boss, and is always ready to prove that no animal was harmed in her wardrobe selection.

The title “Best A$$ on the East Side” is one she proudly brought with her to The Pub, and also happens to be her specialty shot. Be sure to ask for it by name!

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