Entertainment and Beverage Specialist

Michael Hardin

 Let the Corona Lite and Hornitos Flow

Hardin Tight Shirt

Mike always honors a bet, Go Bucks

Owner and proprietor of The Pub since 2006, Michael Hardin prides himself on his micromanagement style of overseeing his establishment and his staff. The success of The Pub over the past many years has happened in spite of the fact that he doesn’t drink and continues to boast about the fact that he is still a virgin. (I believe we need to vet our fact checkers a bit more thoroughly)

Mike is a die hard Buckeye fan. The only times he is in a bad mood always seem to coincide with a Buckeye football or basketball loss. With those few exceptions, you will always see Michael Hardin wearing a smile and greeting everyone with warmth and making them feel welcome. He has an uncanny way of making The Pub feel like home.

His favorite hobbies and pastimes include: Coupon Clipping, Knitting, Making Water Balloons with Recycled Condoms, and holds the record for his 2008 Columbus Bar Owner Championship Stripper Toss (for distance).


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