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Cooter Style Mixology & Smiles

Kelli InteriorKnown for her 2013 recognition by the Woman’s Association for Critical Contributions to Society for inventing the Cooter Shot!

And you would think that she would be resigned to let this event be the pinnacle of her career. Absolutely not! With her tireless devotion to sharing her mixology skills to improve this cold world one shot at a time, she is currently working with animal rights activists to find an artisan’s mix of whiskey and dog food. A firm believer that a hound has just the same rights as the dogs at the bar to catch a buzz, Kelli is a crusader to provide liquid happiness to all creatures no matter how many legs they have.

Oh yeah, and if you haven’t noticed, she is smoking hot and works Saturday nights at The Gahanna Pub. Feel free to thank her for her philanthropy, and be certain to take advantage of her mad skills behind the bar.

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