Entertainment and Beverage Specialist


Even better when pronounced “Yahanna”

JohannaJohanna prides herself on her soft spoken and gentle demeanor… no wait, that is definitely someone else! Known for her witty retort within the intellectual circles that frequent The Pub, she is always quick to turn a phrase as well as quite a few heads. She was never interested in becoming a princess, ballerina, or astronaut. Instead she clings onto her childhood dream of being the scourge of the outlands in a dystopian future as a female version of Mad Max toting a shot gun and relying on her sexual wiles to cleanse the radioactive wastelands of cutthroats and murderers dispensing her own style of justice.

You can find her behind the bar on both day shifts and night shifts dispensing  justice in the form of expertly mixed cocktails and  refreshing beverages throughout the week.

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