Entertainment and Beverage Specialist


The Dichotomy: Good Girl, Bad Girl

Christi Int2A mild mannered marketing shark by day, let’s her hair down and circles the waters of The Pub by evening. As one of the cover girls of The Pub’s Annual Bike Night Calendar, she proves that she can pull off the power suit as well as biker chick garb like a professional.

Her contributions include being a vital resource to the staff and establishment. A master of pubenomics and emergencies, Christy is quick to resolve any situation including jumping back behind the bar on busy nights with style, beauty, and elegance.

The Pub in Gahanna is Mike Hardin’s business, and Mike Hardin is Christy’s business. Let there be no mistake of who possesses the greatest level of wrath and ability for retribution. Look at that smile. Doesn’t she look sweet?

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