Entertainment and Beverage Specialist

Bruce Heflin

Captain Photo Bomb!


As the official photographer of The Pub, Bruce Heflin enjoys a VIP status that includes a parking space when someone isn’t parked there already. Often found lurking in the shadows and behind bar stools, Bruce is the master of the candid Pub photo. On rare occasions when his camouflage in the shadows betrays him, you will often hear “Oh my god who is that!”, shortly followed by “Oh, it’s only Bruce!”

Snapping and flashing his way into everyone’s heart since the Pub opened, he is also the official historian of the establishment; documenting with photos that tell the story of What Happens at the Pub, Stays at the Pub… or ends up on this site.

Feel free to check out his Photography Studio on the web. Bear in mind he does charge extra for showing up in costume, but totally worth it, right?

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