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That Special Ability to Make it All Better

Rebecca ActionWith a natural motherly instinct, Pub employees and patrons alike flock to Rebecca for the comfort of that “under her wing” sanctuary. With 20 years of bartending experience, few can do it better, but like all true geniuses, her story starts with a humble beginning. It all began long ago:

Age 4: First year of bartending experience consisted primarily of mixtures of lemonade and dish soap

Age 7: At this early age, attempting already to master her craft, she conducts experiments on the fermentation of water, dirt, and dandelions, but her concoction fails to win a ribbon at the school science fair.

Age 12: In a moment of wisdom, Rebecca realizes she need not recreate the wheel and has a sip of her first beer smuggled from her parents’ basement refrigerator.

Age 16: In a culmination of her experience, Rebecca begins taking advantage of other parents’ liquor cabinets and mixing for her friends. As a result of foolish bravado, boys at that age drink more than they can handle and vomit everywhere. Becca’s motherly instinct kicks in as she pulls the boys’ faces out of their bravado, wipes them off, and says three words to herself… “I am ready”

Ever since that fateful moment, she never looked back, and brings sunshine and service the way only Rebecca can, every time she steps behind the bar at The Pub, and makes it feel like home.

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